Camp Winter | 2007-2004 | Thursdays


05:00pm Starting 11/12/2020 MFA Soccer Performance School
Soccer (Futbol), NA, Coed
Ages Youth (under 17 years old)
Sessions 16
The Soccer Performance School will give participants the opportunity to develop their 1v1 moves, shooting skills, speed/agility, and play in a small sided (4v4 max) open play environment (no coaching or stoppage of play). The session is divided into four 30-minute segments: 1v1 moves, shooting, speed/agility, and open play. Lead coaches: Joey Barone, Domenic Barone, Mark Barone, and Pat Doyle.

The 2007-2004 Age group has Wednesday and Thursday options. 

Wednesday | 6:30-8:30pm
Thursday | 5-7pm

All training is at MSA Sports Spot.


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